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We will tailor the training and content to suit your needs exactly.

Barista Training

Barista Training

The Barista Training Course

You will learn in a relaxed way how to produce the finest coffees possible. We work towards competition levels and enjoy introducing you to the beautiful art of coffee.

We teach every day and our trainers are here to answer all your questions about coffee. We believe in learning at a relaxed pace and in an enjoyable way. That said, we aim for the highest standards and will introduce you to the most delicious coffees.

Rates start at R3,500 for a half-day or R6,000 for a full-day (inclusive VAT and materials). Please get in touch with us to arrange by emailing our training team at training@stirrupcoffee.co.za

Barista Course: Ideal for Anyone

Perfect your milk steaming skills

The barista course is ideal for people who are just starting in coffee and know nothing about coffee except how to drink it. Yet the course will also be really helpful for baristas who have been making coffee for a while yet have never had training from us before.

We have trained many people who have been making coffee for years and felt they learnt so much during the course. The course is really good for anyone and a lot of fun too. During the training you will learn the most important essential barista skills. We will teach you what coffee is, how it grows and how it is harvested. We explain how coffee is roasted and we talk about freshness and packaging.

You will learn a lot about producing the finest espressos and we run you through the process step by step. This means you will learn how to calibrate a coffee grinder, how to use good dosing techniques, how to tamp the coffee and look for the perfect extraction.

Ethically sourced, seasonal blends

Enjoying a delicious coffee is one of life’s simplest pleasures. It’s a small moment of calm in a busy day. The way it’s prepared is part of this.

from R2,500Introduction to Coffee


A fun half-day course that introduces the novice to all the key concepts in Speciality Coffee.

from R1,750Introduction to Latte Art

Learn how to produce perfectly smooth, glossy microfoam for your coffee, then improve your pouring with plenty of hands-on practice and coaching.

from R3,500Private Barista Training

Book your very own training class for yourself, a few friends, or for your whole team. We will tailor the training and content to suit your needs exactly.

from R6,500Team Building

Tasting and making sessions are a fun and interesting way for groups to work together, especially if you have coffee enthusiasts in your team.

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