Welcome to Stirrup Coffee and Events , we are a team comprised of inventive, reliable and dedicated coffee, food and event industry experts, here for all your event needs. We will listen, plan and execute to make your event unforgettable with our creative expertise that’s trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands.

Effortlessly boost your brand presence in style


Leave a long-lasting impression with our additional products and services

That’s where our comprehensive range of additional products and services can really add value quickly and easily.

1Branded Cups or Coffee Cup Sleeves

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One of our most popular and effective add-ons, branded cups ensure your brands gets seen and have the extra benefit of letting everybody know where they can find the best coffee.

We make the cup branding process easy. Send us your logo, design brief and allow three weeks’ lead-time and we sort the rest. Simple as that.

2Cappuccino Coffee Stencils

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Want to have your brand literally on everybody’s lips? Our branded stencils enable us to sprinkle your logo on top of a freshly prepared cappuccino or steaming cup of hot chocolate.

All we need to create your branded stencil is a line drawing of your logo. We send you a photo of the stencil in action and once you’ve signed it off, it’s all systems go!


Yes, even our baristas can be branded! Our most popular option is to embroider your brand logo on to our baristas’ bib aprons.

However, if you prefer branded shirts, t-shirts or even jackets, we can make it happen to ensure your baristas truly look the part.


If you really want to appeal to people’s sweet tooth, then branded cupcakes are the perfect choice. Your logo can be professionally printed on to 1.5-inch edible disks that sit right on top of our cupcakes.

5Waiter Service

Do you want to make your guests feel really welcome and well looked after? We provide a comprehensive waiter service that not only delivers table service with a smile and elegance, but a sound knowledge of the menu and insight into the coffee that’s being served.

6Fresh Baked Treats

Want to impress a little more? Give your delegates a little something sweet to enjoy alongside our Northern Espresso with delicious danish pastries, wonderfully light all butter croissants, devilishly tasty cookies and moreish muffins.

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